Samsung Admits Camera App Crashes After 30x Zoom on Galaxy S23

Samsung, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, has admitted to a bug in its Galaxy S23 phone's camera application. The issue arises after using the 30x zoom feature, which causes the camera app to crash.

Admission by Samsung Community Head

The head of Samsung's community, responsible for addressing user queries and complaints, admitted to the issue on March 3, 2023. In a statement released on the company's official forums, the head stated that Samsung's software department had identified the issue and was working on a fix.

Cause of the Issue

According to Samsung's software department, the bug is caused by asynchronous action points when switching cameras quickly. It is still unclear how many users have been affected by the bug. Samsung has not yet released any official statement on the issue's severity or impact.

Fix in the Works

Samsung confirmed that it has already produced an internal patch to fix the issue. The patch is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be pushed to users in the April update.

Samsung Refuses to Disclose Affected Patch

The company has refused to disclose which patch is responsible for the camera crash bug. However, it has assured users that the bug will be fixed in the next month's update.

Impact on Users

The bug may cause inconvenience to users who rely heavily on the 30x zoom feature. Users may experience the camera app crashing, which may lead to data loss if they haven't saved their photos.

It's unclear how long the bug has been present in the Galaxy S23 phone. Some users have reported experiencing the bug for a few weeks, while others have reported it being present since they bought the device.


Samsung has assured its users that the camera app's crashing issue will be resolved in the April update. While the bug may cause inconvenience to some users, it is a relief that Samsung has identified and fixed the issue. Samsung has not yet released any official statement on the bug's impact or severity. However, users can be assured that the company is working towards resolving the issue as soon as possible.

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