Xiaomi Launches Mi S10 / S10+ Robot Sweeping and Mopping for the Global Market

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has launched its latest sweeping and mopping robots, the Mi S10 and S10+, for the global market. The new devices, currently only available in some Southeast Asian markets, are priced at RM1,299 and RM2,099 respectively.

Advanced Features of Mi S10 / S10+ Robot Sweeping and Mopping

The Mi S10 and S10+ sweeping and mopping robots boast a powerful suction of 4000Pa and support dual functions of sweeping and mopping the floor. The S10+ model is equipped with an advanced intelligent cleaning mode. The robots are also equipped with LDS laser navigation technology, which enables efficient route mapping of the working area.

While both robots are equipped with sensors for obstacle avoidance, the S10+ has a new 3D obstacle avoidance technology that is more accurate in identifying obstacles.

Battery Life and Remote Control

The Mi S10 has a built-in 3200mAh battery, while the S10+ uses a 5200mAh battery. The former has a single power supply time of 130 minutes, and the latter is 120 minutes. The devices can be remotely controlled through the Mijia App.

Availability and Pricing

Currently, the Mi S10 and S10+ are available only in select Southeast Asian markets, priced at RM1,299 and RM2,099 respectively. There is no information yet on when the devices will be available in other markets.

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