Lenovo's Latin American Market Share Exceeds 20% in the New Fiscal Year

Lenovo Group's new fiscal year swearing-in meeting was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, marking the first time the company has entered the South American market for the ceremony. Sergio Buniac, Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of Motorola, delivered a speech that highlighted the company's growth in the Latin American market. According to the transcript of the speech, Lenovo's market share in Latin America has exceeded 20%, and the company aims to achieve an annual revenue of over US$10 billion in the region in the new fiscal year.

Lenovo's Market Share in Latin America

Lenovo Group has maintained the No. 1 market share in Latin America for two consecutive years in the personal computers (PCs) segment. In addition, the company has achieved positive revenue growth for five consecutive years in this segment. Furthermore, Lenovo's market share in Latin America for computers and smart devices (PCSD) has grown from 16% in 2017 to more than 20% at present. 

In the mobile business segment, Lenovo has occupied the second place in the Latin American market for the past eight years. Its market share has doubled in the past six years. Lenovo occupies about 30% and 40% of the two important markets in Brazil and Argentina, respectively, ranking second and first.

Lenovo Group ranks third in Latin America in the infrastructure solution business (ISG). However, its market share in the key market Brazil is second. In the solution services business (SSG), Lenovo's market penetration has increased by more than 50%, and Latin America's reservations and revenue have grown significantly.

Lenovo Group's Future Plan for the Latin American Market

Sergio Buniac said that Lenovo Group's annual revenue in the Latin American market will exceed US$10 billion in the new fiscal year. The company's growth in the region is mainly attributed to its focus on innovation, high-quality products, and the localization strategy. In addition, Lenovo Group has been expanding its product portfolio to meet the diverse needs of Latin American customers.

Lenovo has been investing in the Latin American market for many years, and the results have been remarkable. The company's market share in the region has continued to grow, and it has become a leader in the PC segment. With the expansion of its product portfolio and localization strategy, Lenovo Group is expected to continue to grow in the Latin American market and achieve more remarkable results in the future.

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