Seagate starts shipping HAMR hard drives over 30TB

Leading data storage solutions provider, Seagate, has announced that it has started shipping its heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) hard drives that are over 30TB to cloud data center customers. The company also revealed that it is currently developing Corvault system solutions based on HAMR technology and is set to generate revenue from sales of 30TB+ appliances this quarter.

Seagate CEO, Dave Mosley, expressed his excitement in a statement, saying, "We are progressing on schedule and reached an important milestone last week: delivering the first qualified samples to our partners. We are further advancing our Corvault system solutions and expect to see initial revenue from 30TB+ appliances this quarter."

Seagate's announcement comes at a time when cloud data centers and other storage-intensive applications are driving up demand for high-capacity hard drives. The HAMR technology is the key to Seagate's ability to deliver hard drives with capacity exceeding 30TB.

What is HAMR Technology?

HAMR is a new technology that allows data storage companies to increase the storage capacity of hard drives beyond the limits of traditional magnetic recording. It uses a laser to heat up the magnetic surface of the hard drive, making it more malleable and allowing for more precise magnetic recording.

The HAMR technology has been in development for over a decade and is now finally being commercialized by Seagate. With this technology, Seagate can now offer hard drives with up to 50% higher storage density than traditional magnetic recording.

Seagate's Progress with HAMR Technology

Seagate has been working on HAMR technology for a while now and has invested significantly in its development. The company first announced that it was working on HAMR-based hard drives in 2016 and began shipping the first HAMR hard drives to select customers in 2019.

Since then, Seagate has been steadily increasing the capacity of its HAMR hard drives, with the latest delivery of 30TB+ hard drives being the highest capacity HAMR hard drives that the company has ever produced. The new hard drives are expected to help Seagate maintain its leadership position in the data storage market.

Future of HAMR Technology

HAMR technology is expected to play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for high-capacity hard drives in data centers and other storage-intensive applications. The demand for storage capacity is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and HAMR technology could be the key to meeting this demand.

Seagate is not the only company that is investing in HAMR technology. Other major data storage companies like Western Digital and Toshiba are also working on developing HAMR-based hard drives. As competition in the market increases, we can expect to see more advancements in HAMR technology, leading to even higher-capacity hard drives.

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