EZVIZ Launches DL50FVS Automatic Face Video Lock

EZVIZ, a leading provider of smart home security products, has launched its new DL50FVS automatic face video lock. The lock features a 3D deep-sensing face recognition module that can recognize real people with a pass rate of 99%. It also has a built-in AI chip and dual-core CPU that allows it to wake up and unlock automatically when it senses someone approaching.

The DL50FVS also comes with a 4-inch large visual screen, 5.8G centimeter wave radar detection, and a 2 million ultra-clear ultra-wide-angle lens with 2-meter infrared night vision. It supports multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, remote, and key. The lock also has a built-in C-level lock cylinder, anti-small black box, and automatic locking when the door is closed.

The DL50FVS is powered by a built-in 5000mAh battery that can last for up to 4 months on a single charge. It also supports WiFi direct connection, so users can use the EZVIZ App on their mobile phones to check the lock's status and manage their access permissions.

The DL50FVS is currently available for purchase on the EZVIZ official applet mall for 2799 yuan.

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