Kensington Launches Business-Grade QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Kensington, a leading provider of productivity solutions, today announced the launch of the MK7500F QuietType Pro silent wireless mechanical keyboard. The new keyboard is designed for businesses and professionals who need a quiet and productive typing experience.

The MK7500F QuietType Pro features QuietType keys that reduce noise by 15dB compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. The keyboard also features a conference control button area that allows users to adjust software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

In addition to being quiet, the MK7500F QuietType Pro is also durable and water-resistant. The keyboard is made with an aluminum frame and is IPX4 rated, which means it can withstand spills and splashes.

The MK7500F QuietType Pro supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, wired, and 2.4GHz receiver. The wireless communication distance is about 9.75 meters. The four conference control buttons can be reprogrammed to perform different tasks.

The MK7500F QuietType Pro is available now for purchase for around $200.

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