SK Hynix Monopolizes High-Capacity Memory Market

SK Hynix has almost monopolized the fast-growing DDR5 DRAM market, with a yield rate of 90% for its 1a DDR5 DRAM products. This is much higher than the yield rates of its competitors, Samsung Electronics and Micron.

The DDR5 DRAM market is developing around high-capacity products such as 128GB DDR5 for servers. Samsung Electronics and Micron are currently unable to produce 128GB DDR5 large-capacity DRAM products, so SK Hynix is supplying 100% of the market volume in this field.

SK Hynix was able to dominate the DDR5 market so early because it achieved high yield rates earlier than rivals such as Samsung Electronics and Micron. A person familiar with SK Hynix said, "With the 1a standard, SK Hynix's yield has reached the gold yield. We have reached a stage," he explained.

Koh Young-min of Shinhan Investment & Securities Research Institute said, "SK Hynix has been confirmed to be the most advanced in preparing 1b-nano, which is the next-generation process among the top 3 DRAMs."

This dominance is likely to continue until next year, as Samsung Electronics and Micron are both still working to ramp up their DDR5 production. In the meantime, SK Hynix is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for DDR5 memory.

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