Tongxin UOS V20 Professional Edition Released

Tongxin UOS V20 Professional Edition (1050 May update) was released. This patch update fixes some known problems of the system and improves product compatibility, stability, performance, security and ease of use. It incorporates Huawei L410 and W525 models, covering AMD64, ARM64, LoongArch and MIPS64 architectures.

The following are some of the issues that have been fixed in this update:

  • Bluetooth and personal hotspot are automatically turned off after some models wake up from standby and hibernation.
  • The U disk cannot be accessed when it is formatted as reiserfs.
  • The system automatically restarts probabilistically during the use of some models.
  • Some models cannot refresh immediately when they are connected to an external VGA monitor.
  • Setting the desktop display mode cannot take effect in the low-resolution mode of the desktop.
  • The menu operation interface of the system monitor does not respond to clicking settings.
  • Some models are connected to a 4K screen and the zoom is set to 2.75 times, and then reconnected to a normal 1K display, the zoom still shows 2.75 times.
  • Some models can still use the touchpad when typing on the keyboard after the touchpad is disabled.
  • VGA and HDMI monitors do not respond when the screen brightness is adjusted for some models.
  • When the personal hotspot switch was turned on and off multiple times, the switch status was displayed incorrectly.
  • Some models cannot open the application when clicking the application icon on the taskbar.
  • After adding a face successfully in face management, the status of the successful addition is not displayed.
  • The Bluetooth module in the control center cannot be switched using the up and down keys.
  • Some models cannot log in with fingerprints after logging in and waking up from hibernation.
  • Two cursors were displayed in the original account after some models were switched to the newly created account.
  • After modifying the position of the taskbar in the two-split mode, the split bar is not displayed at the splicing of the split-screen windows.
  • The window will move up a certain distance when dragging the window border on some models.
  • The split bar is incomplete when the control center window of some models does not cover the screen.
  • Some models cannot directly view or open the file directory when clicking the notification message saved in the screenshot in the multi-tasking view mode.
  • The workspace window page of some models does not support input query.
  • The close button in the upper right corner of the progress pop-up window is not grayed out during the process of changing the disk password.
  • The occasional file manager crash issue when using global search for file search.
  • When copying files to the safe, delete the safe, enter the password and click confirm without responding.
  • The recycle bin cannot delete pipeline files.
  • Some models occasionally fail to disable the peripheral control camera.
  • The problem of importing files with suid / sgid permissions.
  • The display screen does not turn off after the HDMI interface is prohibited in the device control.
  • The screen is still black when the HDMI display is enabled and connected again after HDMI is disabled.
  • Under the AMD64 architecture, after turning on USB control, connecting an external Bluetooth adapter, and restarting the notebook, the notebook cannot recognize the external Bluetooth adapter.
  • There is no password verification prompt when WPA3 encrypted WiFi is used for password connection.
  • The music does not continue to play when the play button is pressed immediately after the Bluetooth speaker is paused.
  • The launcher cannot open the device manager in the minimized state in the non-special effect mode of some models.
  •  Bluetooth is displayed as unavailable when Bluetooth can be used normally.

Users who are using Tongxin UOS V20 Professional Edition are advised to update to the latest version to fix these issues and improve their user experience.

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