Ultrahuman Launches Ring AIR, the World's Lightest Sleep Monitoring Wearable

Indian health technology company Ultrahuman has launched a new wearable device called the Ring AIR. The company claims that the Ring AIR is the world's lightest sleep monitoring wearable, weighing in at just 2.4 grams.

The Ring AIR is designed to be worn on the finger and tracks a variety of health metrics, including heart rate, sleep stages, and body temperature. It also features a built-in LED light that can be used to indicate the user's heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

The Ring AIR connects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth and syncs data with the Ultrahuman app. The app provides users with insights into their sleep quality, heart health, and overall fitness.

The Ring AIR is currently available for purchase on the Ultrahuman website for INR 24,999.

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