Zhiqi Launches 48GB DDR5-6800 Memory Stick

Zhiqi, a Chinese memory manufacturer, has launched a new 48GB single DDR5-6800 memory stick. The memory is priced at 4198 yuan (~$630) and is available in both single and 96GB (2x48GB) kits.

The Zhiqi DDR5-6800 memory features a clock speed of 6800MHz and a CAS latency of CL34. It is also rated for a voltage of 1.35V. The memory is compatible with Intel and AMD DDR5 platforms.

In addition to the DDR5-6800 memory, Zhiqi also offers a 48GB DDR5-6400 (CL32) model. This memory is priced at 4098 yuan (~$610).

The launch of the Zhiqi DDR5-6800 memory is a sign that the market for high-capacity DDR5 memory is starting to mature. As more and more applications demand more memory, we can expect to see more high-capacity DDR5 memory kits from other manufacturers in the future.

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