Apple Considered Launching 15-Inch MacBook Air in Intel Era, But Plan Was Blocked

Apple recently launched the 15-inch MacBook Air, which has been well-received by users. In an interview with Inc, Apple executives explained the development process of this machine, which they attributed mainly to the flexibility of Apple Silicon.

Laura Metz, head of Mac product marketing at Apple, and Thomas Tan, head of enterprise product marketing at Apple, revealed that Apple had started developing a 15-inch MacBook Air in the Intel era, but ultimately found it infeasible.

"It didn't feel like an Air to us," Metz explained. However, the situation changed with the arrival of Apple Silicon.

"We initially wanted to make a 15-inch MacBook Air. But when you think about the previous design, you realize it just doesn't work. It didn't feel like an Air to us. Ultimately, only using Apple Silicon found the right direction, combining a larger display with the battery life and performance that users expect."

Metz also reiterated what Apple had emphasized several times in its WWDC keynote: "The 15-inch PC notebook market is very important." Apple knows that some users "want more screen space than the 13-inch MacBook Air," but "don't need additional features and performance."

According to Tan, buyers especially want a larger screen size, especially in the enterprise market.

"Apple Silicon suddenly made the MacBook Air more suitable for commercial use," Tan said. "So we did see a lot of customers make a big switch, which was never seen before."

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