Apple Watch Leather Loop band scrapped due to unnatural color scheme

A well-known Apple product collector, Kosutami, has recently revealed images of a scrapped second-generation Apple Watch Leather Loop band. The band features a raised magnetic module that helps to increase the magnetic force while also preventing the leather from easily tearing and exposing the internal magnetic module. However, the band was ultimately scrapped due to its "unnatural" color scheme.

The scrapped Leather Loop band comes in four colors: midnight blue, saddle brown, midnight black, and PRODUCT(RED). The colors are all quite dark, and the contrast between the black leather and the white magnetic module is particularly jarring. As a result, Apple decided not to release the band to the public.

This is not the first time that Apple has scrapped a product due to its color scheme. In 2019, the company canceled the release of a purple iPhone 11 Pro due to concerns that the color was too similar to the green color option.

While it is unfortunate that the scrapped Leather Loop band will never see the light of day, it is interesting to see how Apple's design process works. The company clearly puts a lot of thought into the colors of its products, and is not afraid to scrap products that do not meet its high standards.

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