Apple's New Patent Approved: Hinting at the Development of Bezel-less Macs and iPads

Apple has been granted a new patent that could hint at the development of bezel-less Macs and iPads. The patent, which was filed in 2020 and approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office on July 3, 2023, describes a new method of manufacturing display devices with extremely thin bezels.

The patent application states that the new method involves using a laser to etch away portions of the display panel, creating a bezel that is only a few millimeters thick. This would allow Apple to create Macs and iPads with significantly larger screens without increasing the overall size of the devices.

Apple has a history of using patents to foreshadow future product launches. For example, the company's 2015 patent for a "bezel-less" iPhone was seen by many as a sign that Apple was planning to eventually release a device without a traditional bezel.

It is unclear when Apple might release bezel-less Macs and iPads. However, the company's latest patent approval suggests that the company is at least considering the possibility of developing such devices.

In addition to the patent's implications for Apple's future product lineup, the technology could also have a wider impact on the display industry. If Apple is able to successfully mass-produce bezel-less displays, it could encourage other manufacturers to follow suit. This could lead to a wave of new bezel-less devices in the years to come.

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