German Court Dismisses Patent Lawsuit Against Nokia, OPPO Responds by Saying It Firmly Opposes High Fees

The patent war between Nokia and OPPO continued to escalate on Tuesday, when a court in Germany dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit filed by OPPO against Nokia. The court ruled that Nokia's products did not infringe OPPO's patents, and ordered OPPO to bear the legal costs.

This is the latest in a series of favorable rulings for Nokia in patent disputes with OPPO. In recent months, courts in the Netherlands, Brazil, and China have all ruled in Nokia's favor.

OPPO has responded to the German court's decision by saying that it is "disappointed" and that it plans to appeal the ruling. The company also reiterated its stance that it "firmly opposes unreasonable high fees and coercion of negotiations with lawsuits."

The patent dispute between Nokia and OPPO stems from the expiration of their previous patent license agreement in June 2021. Nokia has accused OPPO of infringing its patents by continuing to sell 5G smartphones without a license. OPPO has denied the allegations, and has said that it is willing to negotiate a new license agreement with Nokia, but only on fair and reasonable terms.

The patent war between Nokia and OPPO is a complex and costly affair. Both companies have deep pockets and are willing to spend heavily on legal fees. It is unclear how long the dispute will last, or how it will be resolved.

In the meantime, the dispute is having a significant impact on both companies. Nokia has said that it is losing sales as a result of the dispute, and OPPO has been forced to remove its products from sale in some markets.

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