Huawei Applies for New Trademark WENJIE

Huawei has recently applied for a new trademark called "WENJIE". The trademark application was filed with the China Trademark Office on June 27, 2023. The trademark covers a wide range of goods and services, including automobiles, telecommunications equipment, and computer software.

The trademark application is different from the existing "AITO 问界" logo used by Huawei's AITO brand. The "WENJIE" logo is a combination of Chinese characters that mean "to ask" and "world". It is possible that Huawei plans to use the "WENJIE" logo for a new line of products or services.

Huawei has not yet announced any details about the "WENJIE" trademark. However, the application suggests that Huawei is continuing to expand its product portfolio. The company has been very successful in the automotive market with its AITO brand. It is possible that Huawei is looking to expand into other markets with the "WENJIE" brand.

The trademark application is still pending approval from the China Trademark Office. It is possible that Huawei will be granted the trademark, or it is possible that the application will be rejected. If the trademark is approved, it will give Huawei exclusive rights to use the "WENJIE" logo in China.

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