Jilin University Launches China's First Robot Delivery Community Retail Platform, With Over 50 Sites Deployed

A new product launch event for "Little Power Home" was held at the Jilin University Chongqing Research Institute, and the platform was officially released to the public. "Little Power Home" is China's first robot delivery community retail platform. It has been deployed in five major application scenarios: university dormitories, office buildings, apartments, hotels, and communities. The platform has accumulated over 50 sites in the Liangjiang New Area and Yubei District, and plans to deploy 2,000 sites and 10,000 robots in the next three years, with a projected annual revenue of 20 billion yuan.

The "Little Power Home" robot is equipped with a variety of sensors and can navigate autonomously in complex environments. It can carry up to 30 kilograms of goods and deliver them to users' doorsteps within 30 minutes. The platform also offers a variety of convenience services, such as grocery shopping, food delivery, and laundry pickup and delivery.

The launch of the "Little Power Home" platform is a major breakthrough in the development of robot delivery in China. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop and interact with the world around us. The platform is also expected to create new jobs and opportunities in the retail and logistics sectors.

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