Kailh Releases New Kailh Box Jellyfish V2 Switches in Collaboration with Faint

Kailh, a leading manufacturer of mechanical keyboard switches, has announced the release of a new switch in collaboration with Faint, a custom keyboard maker. The new switch is called the Kailh Box Jellyfish V2 and is based on the popular Kailh Box Jellyfish switch. The V2 version features a number of improvements, including a new POK material for the housing, a new upper housing design, and a specially-designed LED diffuser.

The POK material is a new type of plastic that is said to be more durable and resistant to wear than the previous material used in the Kailh Box Jellyfish switch. The new upper housing design features a more rounded shape that is said to prevent keycaps from getting stuck. The specially-designed LED diffuser is said to increase the brightness of the RGB lighting.

The Kailh Box Jellyfish V2 switches are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, pink, and blue. They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards that use MX-style switches. The switches are priced at $0.65 each.

In addition to the new switches, Kailh and Faint have also released a new keyboard kit called the Faint Jellyfish K65. The kit features a 65% keyboard layout with a CNC-aluminum case and a hot-swappable PCB. The kit is available in black and white color options.

The Kailh Box Jellyfish V2 switches and the Faint Jellyfish K65 keyboard kit are both available for purchase now from the Kailh website and from authorized retailers.

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