Kingsoft Office Announces Partnership with NVIDIA to Accelerate WPS AI Services

Kingsoft Office, a leading provider of office productivity software in China, has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to accelerate its WPS AI services. The partnership will see Kingsoft Office leverage NVIDIA's GPU computing power and AI expertise to improve the performance and efficiency of its AI-powered features.

One of the key areas of collaboration will be in the development of WPS AI PPT Beautifier, a feature that uses AI to automatically improve the formatting and design of PowerPoint presentations. With the help of NVIDIA GPUs, WPS AI PPT Beautifier can process presentations up to 84% faster than on CPUs. This means that users can create more polished and professional presentations in less time.

The partnership will also see Kingsoft Office use NVIDIA Triton inference servers to deploy its AI services. Triton is a high-performance, scalable inference server that can be used to deploy AI models on a variety of hardware platforms. By using Triton, Kingsoft Office can reduce the cost of deploying its AI services by up to 23%.

The partnership between Kingsoft Office and NVIDIA is a significant step forward for the development of AI-powered office productivity software. By combining Kingsoft Office's expertise in office software with NVIDIA's GPU computing power and AI expertise, the two companies are well-positioned to create the next generation of AI-powered office tools.

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