Microsoft Surface Go 3 Receives New Firmware Update to Fix Display Issues and Improve Wi-Fi Stability

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface Go 3 tablet, which addresses a number of issues, including display problems and Wi-Fi instability. The update also adds support for new expansion dock accessories.

The display issue that has been fixed with this update is a problem where the screen would sometimes flicker or go black. The Wi-Fi instability issue that has been addressed is a problem where the tablet would sometimes lose connection to Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to fixing these issues, the new firmware update also adds support for two new expansion dock accessories: the Surface Go Dock and the Surface Go Dock 2. These docks allow users to connect the Surface Go 3 to additional monitors, keyboards, and mice.

The new firmware update for Surface Go 3 is available now through Windows Update. To install the update, open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. If the update is available, it will be listed under Optional updates. Click Download and install to install the update.

The new firmware update is recommended for all Surface Go 3 users. It is important to note that the update may not fix all issues that some users are experiencing. If you are still having problems with your Surface Go 3 after installing the update, you may need to contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

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