Nintendo Warns Players Not to Blow into Switch Cartridge Slots

Nintendo has recently issued a warning to players not to blow into the cartridge slots of their Switch consoles. The company says that doing so can actually damage the console's internal components, and could lead to the need for repairs.

The warning comes after a number of reports from players who had damaged their Switches by blowing into the cartridge slots. In some cases, the consoles had stopped reading cartridges altogether. In other cases, the consoles had displayed error messages or had even bricked.

Nintendo says that the moisture from human breath can corrode the Switch's internal contacts, which can lead to these problems. The company recommends that players use a dry cloth or cotton swab to clean the cartridge slots instead of blowing into them.

If you have already blown into your Switch's cartridge slots and are experiencing problems, you can contact Nintendo customer support for assistance.

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