Panel maker Innolux announces to adjust its organizational structure

Innolux, a major panel maker in Taiwan, has announced that it will be adjusting its organizational structure. The new structure will consist of two groups: a "display field group" and a "non-display field group."

The display field group will focus on the deep cultivation of the panel industry. It will gather two major display business groups BGs, which will vertically integrate various new technologies and improve the yield rate, efficiency, and production capacity.

The non-display field group will expand the market in the medical, automotive, and semiconductor industries. It will horizontally integrate hardware on the technical side, and make multiple cross-domain applications on the product side. It will also practice from terminal needs combined with multiple applications of display panels, and provide all-round field customized service solutions.

The chairman of Innolux, Hong Jinyang, said that the company is making this change in order to "Stay Calm Fly High" and continue to advance rapidly on a solid foundation. He believes that the new organization will share resources, give full play to complementary advantages, and expand innovative development.

The new organization will come into force on September 1. Innolux promises to protect the right to work of colleagues who grow together with the company. It will also expand its investment in new ventures, and invite colleagues to be flexible and courageous to challenge cross-border development.

The adjustment of Innolux's organizational structure is a sign of the company's commitment to innovation and growth. It will be interesting to see how the new organization performs in the coming years.

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