Rapoo VT9 PRO dual-mode wireless gaming mouse launched

The Rapoo VT9 PRO has a lightweight design, weighing only 68 grams. It uses the original PAW3395 gaming optical engine, which has a DPI range of 50-20000 and a tracking speed of 650 IPS. It also has an acceleration of 50G and a 1000Hz return rate.

The mouse also features Omron 50 million times crisp feel micro-movement and a gaming type 1 million times scale feel scroll wheel. It also has a new special DIY button at the bottom that can be used to set multiple functions.

In addition, the Rapoo VT9 PRO also supports Rapoo's C+click button technology, v+ wireless gaming technology, and 4K wireless gaming technology. C+click button technology supports separate button pre-press calibration, button feel consistency calibration, and button trigger rebound calibration. v+ wireless gaming technology supports 3 kinds of anti-interference technology and has a built-in 800mAh lithium battery that provides up to 160 hours of battery life. 4K wireless gaming technology supports the highest 4KHz return rate and 0.25ms response speed.

The Rapoo VT9 PRO is available in three colors: Wujin, Ghost, and Promise. The Wujin version is priced at 199 yuan, while the Ghost and Promise models are priced at 249 yuan. The mouse is currently available for pre-order on JD.com.

Here are some additional details about the Rapoo VT9 PRO:

  • Dimensions: 124.9 x 67.1 x 40.2mm
  • Weight: 68g
  • Sensor: PAW3395
  • DPI range: 50-20000
  • Tracking speed: 650 IPS
  • Acceleration: 50G
  • Return rate: 1000Hz
  • Button technology: Omron 50 million times crisp feel micro-movement
  • Scroll wheel: Gaming type 1 million times scale feel scroll wheel
  • Special DIY button: Yes
  • Wireless technology: Rapoo v+ wireless gaming technology, Rapoo 4K wireless gaming technology
  • Battery: Built-in 800mAh lithium battery
  • Battery life: Up to 160 hours
  • Colors: Wujin, Ghost, Promise
  • Price: 199 yuan (Wujin), 249 yuan (Ghost, Promise)

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