TSMC Introduces N3E and N2 Process Technology, N2 to Start Mass Production in 2025

TSMC held a conference in Japan to introduce its N3E process node and its performance improvements. The company also provided a roadmap for its next-generation N2 process node.

The N3E process node is a further refinement of the N3 process node, which is currently in mass production. N3E offers a 10% performance improvement and a 15% power reduction over N3. It is expected to start mass production in the second half of 2023.

The N2 process node is a major leap forward in technology. It offers a 20% performance improvement and a 30% power reduction over N3E. It is expected to start mass production in 2025.

TSMC's N2 process node is based on the GAA (Gate-All-Around) transistor architecture. GAA transistors are more efficient than traditional FinFET transistors, which is why they offer such significant performance and power improvements.

The adoption of GAA transistors is a major trend in the semiconductor industry. Other major chipmakers, such as Intel and Samsung, are also developing GAA-based process nodes.

The transition to GAA transistors is expected to accelerate the pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry. It will enable the development of new and more powerful chips that can meet the growing demands of data centers, artificial intelligence, and other high-performance applications.

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