ASUS Launches ROG PG248QP Monitor: 24.1-Inch TN Panel, 540Hz Refresh Rate, 7,499 Yuan

ASUS has launched the new ROG PG248QP monitor, which is the first 540Hz monitor to use G-SYNC ultra-low motion blur technology 2 (ULMB2). The monitor has a 24.1-inch E-sports TN panel with 1080p resolution, a brightness of 400 nits, and a 0.2ms response time. It is currently on the e-commerce platform and priced at 7,499 yuan (approximately $1,070 USD).

ULMB2 is a new technology from NVIDIA that delivers higher dynamic clarity in competitive gaming. It has an effective dynamic resolution of more than 1000 Hz, provides full refresh rate backlight strobe, and nearly doubles the brightness of the original ULMB technology. Additionally, ULMB2 has almost no crosstalk, which is a common artifact that can occur with backlight strobe technologies.

The ROG PG248QP monitor is designed for serious gamers who need the fastest possible response times and refresh rates. It is ideal for competitive games such as first-person shooters and racing games.

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