Baseus Launches New CM10 Car Bluetooth Headset with Call Noise Reduction, Vibration Sensing Connection

Baseus has recently launched a new car Bluetooth headset, the CM10, which is now available on e-commerce platforms for 209 yuan.

The Baseus CM10 Bluetooth headset features a single-ear design and is worn semi-in-ear. It weighs about 4.5g and has built-in dual microphones to support call noise reduction. When the mobile phone is connected to the car music in the car, it will automatically switch to the headset to answer an incoming call.

The headset also supports vibration sensing connection, with a built-in sensor that automatically connects to the device when it detects vibration when the car door is closed. It also supports in-ear detection.

The headset comes with a solar charging base, which can be used for up to 50 hours with the charging compartment and takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 connection and can realize different functions through gestures such as single click, double click, and long press.

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