Dell Releases Precision 7875 Workstation, Equipped with AMD Threadripper 7000 Processor

Dell today released the new Precision 7875 tower computer, equipped with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 WX series processors. Dell officials say this is Dell's most scalable and powerful AMD processor-based workstation ever.

Officially, the Precision 7875 Tower is designed for engineers, architects, creatives, and product designers, and has up to 96 cores, the highest number of cores among all single-socket Dell Precision workstations.

The Precision 7875 tower introduces a taller and deeper chassis than the previous generation, providing more space to cool the processor and six PCIe slots for added expandability. Additionally, for the first time in a Precision tower, the system features an integrated Wi-Fi slot that takes up no space in a PCIe slot.

In terms of scalability, the Precision 7875 graphics card supports two AMD Radeon PRO W7900 with 48 GB of video memory or two NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada with 48 GB of video memory, with a storage capacity of up to 56 TB and supports 2 TB of DDR5 memory.

The Dell Precision 7875 tower will be available globally on December 5, with pricing announced closer to shipping.

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