FAW Jiefang and Huawei Deepen Cooperation to Demonstrate Potential of Pangu Large Models in Automotive Industry

FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive and deepened cooperation agreement at Huawei Shenzhen Bantian Base. The agreement includes a special cooperation memorandum on AI, intelligent driving, and intelligent cockpit.

In terms of AI large models, the two parties have carried out verification tests in multiple scenarios based on the Huawei Cloud Pangu large model. The results have demonstrated the huge potential and value of Huawei Cloud Pangu large model technology in the automotive industry.

For example, the Pangu large model can be used to create a digital twin space for autonomous driving systems, which can help to generate complex scenario samples and shorten the training cycle for autonomous driving corner cases from over two weeks to just two days.

FAW Jiefang plans to deepen its cooperation with Huawei in the future to build a Jiefang Intelligent Brain based on the Huawei Cloud Pangu large model. This will allow FAW Jiefang to develop personal intelligent work assistants for employees and provide users with one-stop services from car selection to car replacement.

FAW Jiefang will also build a commercial vehicle industry model based on the Huawei Cloud Pangu model. This will help to create industry artificial intelligence solutions and innovate business models and profit models.

In terms of intelligent driving, FAW Jiefang and Huawei will carry out multi-level long-term cooperation. They will leverage FAW Jiefang's vehicle research and development capabilities and technical reserves, Huawei's independently developed core components in the field of smart cars, as well as vehicle-side automatic driving algorithms and leading car cloud technology to establish an overall solution for intelligent driving.

In terms of smart cockpit, FAW Jiefang has now completed the development of the smart cockpit model cabin 1.0 based on Huawei's development. FAW Jiefang has also independently developed special functions such as fuel-saving coaching and intelligent diagnosis and repair.

FAW Jiefang plans to further deepen cooperation with Huawei in the future to jointly build an intelligent cockpit platform to improve driving safety and comfort.

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