First RTX 4060 Ti 16G Single-Slot Thick Graphics Card Revealed

MEGAsizeGPU today revealed the first RTX 4060 Ti 16G single-slot graphics card, which uses a turbo fan for heat dissipation. The manufacturer is Colorful. According to reports, this graphics card is 26.7 centimeters long, occupies only one slot, and is powered by 8 pins. It is very suitable for installation in workstation chassis.

The RTX 4060 Ti 16G has 4352 CUDA cores, equipped with 16GB of 128-bit GDDR6 video memory, a TGP power consumption of 165W, and uses a PCIe 4.0*8 connection.

Nvidia officials said that in most games, both versions of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (8GB and 16GB) can run at the highest quality settings and provide the same performance. Occasionally, a game may launch an optional extra-large texture pack and allocate more video memory. A small number of games run best on the 4060 Ti 8GB's "High Quality" settings, while the 4060 Ti 16GB can turn on the highest graphics quality settings and run smoothly.

Nvidia said that in addition to gaming, GeForce RTX graphics cards are used globally in 3D animation, video editing, motion graphics, photography, graphic design, architectural visualization, STEM, live streaming, and AI. Some applications used in these industries may benefit from additional large video memory. For example, when editing a 4K or 8K timeline in Premiere, or creating a large architectural scene in the D5 renderer.

The release date and pricing for the Colorful RTX 4060 Ti 16G single-slot graphics card have not yet been announced. However, given the increasing demand for single-slot and low-profile graphics cards, it is likely to be a popular choice for users who need a powerful graphics card that can fit into a small space.

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