Guangwei Longwu/Shence DDR5 Memory Products Now on Sale

Guangwei has recently announced the release of its new Longwu and Shence series DDR5 memory products. These products are now available for purchase, with the following prices:

  • Longwu: DDR5-6400 24G*2, 799 yuan
  • Shence: DDR5-6800 24G*2, 1199 yuan

The new memory products use Hynix M-die particles and feature a number of design improvements, including:
  • Graphics card-level high-performance silicone grease cooling pads on both sides for effective heat dissipation
  • Ten-layer PCB version with advanced lamination design for extended internal circuit distance and optimized signal transmission path
  • Thicker 10μm gold fingers for extended memory life
  • Copper vapor chamber inside the 2.0mm thick heat sink for strong thermal conductivity

The Shence DDR5 48GB (24X2) 6800MHz memory is particularly notable for its high clock speed and low timings, as well as its strong overclocking potential.

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