Huawei Statement: Huawei Will Launch 10,000 6G Mobile Low-Orbit Satellites Is Pure Rumor

This evening, the official account of Huawei Group issued a statement stating that the so-called "Huawei will launch 10,000 6G mobile low-orbit satellites" claimed by some self-media is purely a rumor.

The statement said that the rumormongers have no basis and are making trouble out of nothing. They push the same information on multiple platforms and accounts and spread it. Please do not believe it and report it decisively.

In fact, this is not the first time similar news has appeared. We verified that the Securities Times reported in 2021 that Huawei cooperated with China Mobile and China Aerospace Corporation to launch two satellites in July of that year, aiming to enter 6G and take the lead in seizing 6G research and development opportunities. Huawei China officials denied the above news, saying that "Huawei is about to launch two satellites to seize the opportunity of 6G research and development" as false news.

Huawei released a research report on 6G ultra-low orbit satellite networks in September 2022. According to Huawei research, Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) is widely considered to be an integral part of the 6G network. In the global communications ecosystem, satellite communications are an important component of 5G-Advanced and 6G. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has conducted research on the integration of satellite and 5G New Radio (NR) technology, and named the integrated technology "Non-Terrestrial Network", NTN".

The statement also said that 6G is a more advanced next-generation mobile communication system, and its connotation will far exceed the scope of communication. 6G is like a huge distributed neural network that integrates communication, perception, computing and other capabilities. It deeply integrates the physical world, the biological world and the digital world, truly opening up a new era of "intelligent connectivity of all things".

On the basis of 5G, 6G will transcend the Internet of People and the Internet of Things and move toward the Intelligent Internet of Everything, bringing intelligence to everyone, every family, and every enterprise, leading a new wave of innovation.

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