Mengma releases button microphone LARK MIX

According to MOMA's official public account, MOMA today launched its button microphone LARK MIX, which can be fixed on tops, straps, etc., to facilitate recording voice content.This microphone adopts a similar "modular" design and can be used with different accessories for different occasions. Officials have launched a total of 4 versions of this microphone.

  • Mobile version Lightning 999 yuan Microphone body + charging box + receiver
  • Mobile version Lightning 549 yuan Microphone body + receiver
  • Mobile version Type-C 449 yuan Microphone body + receiver
  • Camera version 899 yuan Microphone body + charging box + "camera version receiver"

Official introduction: "The camera version of LARK MIX receiver is equipped with a 3.5mm interface and a Type-C interface, which can be connected to different devices through different cables. The camera version of LARK MIX comes standard with computer and camera adapter cables, and mobile phone adapter cables need to be purchased separately." 

Officials emphasized that the microphone weighs "only 9 grams" and uses a customized MIC device with a sampling rate of 48kHz 24Bit, a signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB, and a maximum sound pressure level of 115dB SPL . It is claimed to "guarantee ultra-wide pickup frequency" and "clear high-frequency reception" "Transparent" and "low-frequency radio with magnetic warmth".

In terms of battery life, the microphone claims that "a single microphone can work for up to 10 hours", and with the wireless charging box, the battery life can reach 30 hours. In terms of function, the microphone supports a "dual-level noise reduction" function, which can select two levels of noise reduction intensity according to the level of environmental noise, thereby "precisely reducing noise at different frequencies and retaining the texture of the human voice."

In terms of radio stability, LARK MIX uses a high-gain LDS antenna integrated with the casing, with a radio range of 300 meters, and applies an "anti-RF interference electronic circuit design scheme". It is said that "even if there are more equipment on the shooting scene, there will be no Produce noise". The receiver of this microphone supports direct plug-in to mobile phones and computers, and can be controlled using an app. In addition to the regular USB Type-C version, it also has a Lighting interface version, which is said to have obtained Apple MFi certification.

In addition, the official has also launched a variety of accessories for the microphone, including magnetic pieces, lanyards, magnetic back clips, windproof sweaters, etc., so as to "achieve a variety of personalized wearing methods."

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