Moore Thread Releases v230.40.0.2 Community Version Driver, Doubling the Performance of "Ace Combat 7

Moore Thread today released the community version driver with version number v230.40.0.2. Officials stated that the new community version driver has achieved substantial performance improvements in test programs and games such as "Master Lu" and "Ace Combat 7", and also improved the performance of "Beast Party", "Minecraft" NetEase Edition, " Games such as Farming Simulator 19 have been optimized for experience.

In the past year since its release, Moore Thread MTT S80 has undergone 9 important driver version updates (5 official version drivers + 4 community version drivers), and its 3D graphics performance has been greatly improved compared to the time of release. At the same time, MTT S80's DirectX 11 support has gradually been improved, and the compatibility coverage rate of China's Top 50 games has reached 94%, of which 25 games have completed targeted optimization, and a total of nearly 100 games have been optimized for performance and experience. In the past two versions of the community version driver, MTT S80 has provided support for OpenGL API on Windows.

Here are the main contents of the v230.40.0.2 Community Edition driver update:

Performance optimization:

  • In "Ace Combat 7" at the highest resolution of 1080p, the frame rate is increased by more than 100% compared to the v230.40.0.1 version;
  • Compared with the v230.40.0.1 version, the GPU test results of "Master Lu" have increased by more than 70%;
  • Optimize the game experience of "Beast Party";
  • "Minecraft" NetEase version game experience optimization;
  • "Farming Simulator 19" game experience optimization.

Issues fixed:

  • Solve the problem of the game screen blurring when exiting to the desktop when running the game "Everlasting";
  • Solve the problem of GPU rendering errors when running the river scene in "Path of Exile";
  • Solve the problem of GPU rendering error in the game's main interface when running "Asphalt 9: Racing Legends";
  • Solve the problem of character hair GPU rendering error when running "Baldur's Gate 3";
  • Solve the problem that the wall GPU may not render when running Assetto Corsa.

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