OPPO Liu Zuohu responds to Huawei's return

OPPO today released the OPPO Find N3, a new generation of folding screen mobile phones. After the press conference, OPPO Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer Liu Zuohu accepted interviews with the media.

When he was asked about the impact of Huawei's return on the mobile phone market, he said that everyone is thinking about this issue. OPPO has seen too many storms in various cycles in the past 20 years. He even believes that from feature phones to smartphones, the challenges will be much greater than they are now.

He said that OPPO will treat it more calmly and calmly. Going back to the origin of things, making good products is the only way to get through the cycle. There is no point in thinking about other things, just return to users and make good products.

He also mentioned: If you look at today five years from now, this may be the case. The mobile phone industry is so big, OPPO is also a global brand, and the international market is so big, there is no need to be overly anxious.

Regarding the issue of how to respond if Apple enters the folding screen industry, Liu Zuohu said that he hopes more manufacturers will make folding screens. Currently, most users are still worried about whether there will be problems with folding screens and whether the screens will break.

He said that the market needs education. If Apple also enters the market, it will bring innovative experiences, so it is a good thing. It can make more people believe that folding screens are mature, so more manufacturers need to educate users. In this way, he believes that more users will choose foldable screen phones in 1-2 years.

In addition, he also mentioned the issue of OPPO’s cancellation of its self-developed chip plan. Regarding the next investment in hard technology, Liu Zuohu said that OPPO is still investing in chip capabilities, but it does not necessarily mean making its own chips. IT House believes that he is hinting that OPPO can cooperate in depth with Qualcomm and MediaTek.

On May 12 this year, ZEKU, a chip company owned by OPPO, suddenly announced its dissolution without warning.

OPPO said that in the face of the uncertainty of the global economy and mobile phone market, after careful consideration, the company decided to terminate the ZEKU business. "This is a difficult decision. We will handle the relevant matters properly and will continue to make good products and continue to create value."

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