Smoker Launches RC 60B Film and Television Fill Light: 49Wh Lithium Battery, Wide-Range Color Temperature

SmallRig has launched the RC 60B film and television fill light, claiming to “explore a new realm of mobile fill light.” The fill light is currently on the shelves of business platforms, priced at 999 yuan.

The official emphasizes that this fill light has a built-in 49Wh lithium battery, which supports 75 minutes of regular shooting and 45 minutes of full power output. It can “switch” three power supply schemes at will, and supports USB Type-C input, external PD power bank, and V port battery to meet the photographer’s battery life requirements.

In terms of functionality, this fill light is equipped with a 1.3-inch LED color screen and has an independent knob for rapid adjustment of color temperature and brightness. The whole machine weighs 1.5 kilograms and the lamp body weighs 650 grams. It is said to be able to “control with one hand and hold with the other”, thus achieving efficient creation.

Specifically, this fill light supports 2700K-6500K color temperature effects, and the parameters are as follows:

  • CRI color rendering index: 97+
  • TLCI TV Lighting Conformance Index: 98+
  • TM-30 Rf Color Saturation: 96
  • TM-30 Rg Color Fidelity: 100

The official has launched a series of accessories for this fill light, including handle, support column, mini soft box, mini standard cover, power bank clip, PD power bank, C to C charging cable, PD charging device.

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