Wukong Announces New Lingyun X14 Pro Notebook with R7 7840HS and 14-inch 2.8K 120Hz Screen

Wukong today announced the new Lingyun X14 Pro notebook, featuring an R7 7840HS processor and a 14-inch 2.8K 120Hz display. The notebook is expected to go on sale tomorrow, but Wukong has not yet announced its price.

The Lingyun X14 Pro is the successor to the Lingyun X16, which Wukong launched in July of this year. The X16 features a larger 16-inch display and a higher 165Hz refresh rate, but it is also powered by the same R7 7840HS processor.

The Lingyun X14 Pro is a more portable option than the X16, and its 120Hz refresh rate should make for a smooth and responsive gaming experience. The notebook also features a full-size keyboard with backlighting, a large trackpad, and a fingerprint sensor for added security.

It is unclear how much the Lingyun X14 Pro will cost, but it is expected to be priced similarly to the Lingyun X16, which was initially priced at 3,799 yuan. We will update this article as soon as Wukong announces the official price of the Lingyun X14 Pro.

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