Xiaomi Launches Mijia Electric Shaver S302: Supports Full Body Washing

Xiaomi has launched a new Mijia electric shaver, the S302, with an initial price of 219 yuan.

The shaver features a double-ring curved blade and a no-disassembly quick-wash blade that fits the contours of the face. The shave area can reach 120mm, and it also has a 360° floating blade that automatically adapts to changes in facial contours and sweeps across difficult-to-shave areas to reduce stubble residue.

Xiaomi says that the shaver adopts an innovative fast-rinsing structure design and supports IPX7 full-body washing, which can wash away 85% of stubble in 15 seconds.

In addition, the shaver also supports induction speed change and digital display. Press and hold the switch button for 1 second to switch between two gears, making it easy to handle soft and hard beards. The gear switching is equipped with indicator lights to provide real-time information on the operation of the entire machine.

The shaver also supports Type-C charging. It only takes one hour to fully charge and can last for 90 minutes on a single charge.

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