Zhejiang Province, China, will invest heavily in 5G by the end of 2025

Zhejiang Province, China, will invest heavily in 5G and broadband infrastructure to promote the high-quality development of the "Dual Gigabit" network. By the end of 2025, more than 95% of the list of key places will be promoted to achieve joint access to 5G networks, and more than 95% of the list of residential areas, residential buildings, and commercial buildings have achieved joint access to the broadband networks of all basic telecom operators that put forward access requirements.

The provincial government will work with telecom operators to improve the working mechanism for co-construction and sharing of telecom infrastructure in Zhejiang Province, further optimize the "dual gigabit" network construction environment, and make positive progress in rural pole and line sorting, cross-industry co-construction and sharing, and digitalization.

The provincial government will also promote basic telecommunications enterprises to actively play the role of a joint construction, sharing and joint maintenance mechanism, complete a batch of administrative village communication lines with illegal wiring and rectification every year, and create a batch of benchmarks for the standardized construction of rural poles and lines to form a demonstration effect.

The provincial government will also work with relevant departments to complete the coordination work on the cross-industry co-construction and sharing list on an annual basis, promote the effective protection of the infrastructure sharing needs of key areas and important lines in the electric power, municipal administration, highways, railways, communications and other industries, and improve the infrastructure year by year. The shared demand satisfaction rate in the list; a number of typical cases of cross-industry telecom infrastructure co-construction and sharing have been formed and published publicly.

The provincial government will also complete the construction or upgrading of the regional telecommunications infrastructure co-construction and sharing big data platform system in accordance with standards, and basically realize the digital guarantee of the co-construction and sharing process; innovative typical cases of platform standardization construction and application shall be promoted.

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