China: Hongmeng Zhixing introduced Huawei's Hongmeng Zhixing model in detail

Today, the official public account of Hongmeng Zhixing introduced Huawei's Hongmeng Zhixing model in detail. Let's take a look.

As we all know, Huawei has three cooperation models in the field of smart cars, including incremental parts and solution suppliers, HI mode, and the smart car selection mode that was recently upgraded to Hongmeng Zhixing. Hongmeng Zhixing's full name is Hongmeng Smart Car Technology Ecological Alliance, which is a new upgrade of Huawei's smart car selection business.

What models does Hongmeng Zhixing currently have?

The Wenjie series launched by Huawei and Thalys and the Zhijie series launched by Chery are both members of Hongmeng Zhixing. They already have products such as Wenjie M5, Wenjie M7, Wenjie M9 and Zhijie S7. According to officials, the cumulative number of orders for Wenjie's new M7 has exceeded 100,000 units in two and a half months since its launch. The Wenjie M9 has become popular even before it is launched, and the pre-orders for Zhijie S7 have exceeded 15,000 units.

What is the relationship between Hongmeng Zhixing and Huawei?

Hongmeng Zhixing is currently the most comprehensive, close and in-depth model of cooperation between Huawei and car companies. It is supported by the most advanced Huawei smart car innovation technology and has a better smart experience. For example, the all-directional anti-collision system launched in the new M7 of Wenjie, smart car The world's first valet parking was launched with the World S7, as well as the year-end flagship World M9 equipped with Huawei's full-stack technology solutions.

Where do consumers buy Hongmeng Zhixing's products and what about after-sales service?

Users can purchase Hongmeng Smart products at Huawei flagship stores, Huawei Smart Living Centers, Huawei stores, and Huawei Mall, and will also enjoy one-stop services such as delivery and after-sales at Harmony Smart's unified user center. In addition to technology, Hongmeng Zhixing also has Huawei's empowerment in all aspects such as products, quality, sales, services, and marketing.

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