China: OPPO Reno8 Pro+ Mobile Phone Starts Second Batch of ColorOS 14 x Android 14 Public Beta Recruitment

OPPO has announced that the second batch of ColorOS 14 x Android 14 public beta recruitment for the Reno8 Pro+ mobile phone has started. The registration period is from November 13 to November 16.

To be eligible for the beta program, users must ensure that their mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version They can then apply for the beta by following these steps:
  • Click "Settings > About this machine > Top version information (above "Mobile phone name") > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early adopter application > Upgrade public beta" on their phone.
  • Follow the prompts to apply.
OPPO will review applications in batches within five working days after the recruitment ends. Users can check the review results in the early adopter application interface on their mobile phone. The version will be pushed in batches after the review is completed.

OPPO has stated that there are currently many commonly used third-party applications that are incompatible with Android 14. After upgrading to Android 14, third-party applications may not be able to be used normally (such as crashes, freezes, black screens, power consumption, etc.). It is recommended that users first attempt to update the app to the latest version in the App Store.

Within two days after the upgrade, the system will perform a series of adaptation and optimization actions in the background, which may cause the phone to become hot, laggy, and drain power quickly. OPPO recommends that users turn off the screen and charge for two hours before restarting the phone after upgrading, or it will recover on its own after a period of normal use.

It should also be noted that users who have upgraded to the internal beta log version do not need to sign up for additional public beta activities. They can directly upgrade to the public beta version through system push version. The test cycle of the internal log version ranges from four to six months. After the test is completed, the official version will be pushed uniformly, and the public beta version will not be pushed midway.

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