Huawei's New Operating System Sheds Android Support

Huawei is making a bold move by ditching Android support with its upcoming HarmonyOS Next operating system. This means that users of HarmonyOS Next will no longer be able to install Android apps, a major departure from the current HarmonyOS version.

The decision to remove Android support is likely a strategic one for Huawei, as the company seeks to establish its own ecosystem and reduce its reliance on Google. With the US government having banned Huawei from dealing with US companies, including Google, Huawei is looking to HarmonyOS Next as a way to gain independence.

However, the lack of Android app support could pose a challenge for Huawei, as many popular apps are not available in the HAP format that HarmonyOS Next uses. This could make it difficult for users to find the apps they need and love, which could hinder the adoption of HarmonyOS Next.

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