Loongson to Release New Desktop Processor and Printer Chip

Loongson Zhongke, a leading Chinese developer of high-performance processors, today announced that it will release its latest desktop processor, the 3A6000, and its new printer-specific chip, the 2P0500, at the 2023 Loongson Product Release and User Conference on November 28.

Loongson 3A6000 Desktop Processor

The Loongson 3A6000 is a new quad-core processor based on Loongson's Dragon architecture. It was successfully tape-out in August this year and is based on relevant test results, the overall performance of the Loongson 3A6000 processor is equivalent to Intel's 10th generation Core quad-core processor launched in 2020. This makes the 3A6000 a high-performance domestic processor that many domestic users are looking forward to.

Loongson 2P0500 Printer Chip

The Loongson 2P0500 is a printer-specific SoC chip suitable for single/multi-function printers. It is the core control component of the printing/scanning machine. This chip is mainly used for printing data reception, analysis and processing, print engine control, scanning timing control, scanning data, image processing and motor control, etc. The chip adopts a heterogeneous core structure, with built-in one Loongson LA364, two Loongson LA132 processor cores and 512KB shared L2 cache. It integrates DDR3, GMAC, OTG, USB, printing interface, scanning interface, image unit, PMIO, AD/DA, eMMC, SDIO, SPI, PWM and other functional modules, and implement power consumption management control module, a single chip can meet the needs of various typical applications such as printing, scanning, copying and so on.

Loongson's Future Plans

Loongson Zhongke also announced its plans for the future. The company is committed to improving the performance of its processors and aims to have performance per GHz close to or reaching the level of Apple's CPU. The company's next-generation processor, the 3B6000, will strive to increase the performance per GHz by another 20%-30%.

The company is also continuing to develop printer chips and will complete the productization of the Loongson 2P0500 before the end of 2023. The company will also continue to deepen its efforts in the field of printer chips and continue to improve its cost performance and market competitiveness through serialization, supporting and other measures.

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