Seagate Exos CORVAULT 4U106 Mass Data Storage System Now Available in 2.5 PB Capacity

Seagate Technology today announced the latest Seagate Exos CORVAULT 4U106 mass data storage system. Offering capacity of 2.5 PB, the high-performing multi-petabyte block storage system offers higher rack density, extended lifecycles, and less power per petabyte, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Seagate Exos CORVAULT 4U106 features Seagate's high capacity Exos hard drives, which, combined with self-healing technology, create the most efficient petabyte storage building block for scale-out data center architecture, reducing storage networking resources up to 50% and improving total rack power efficiency up to 30%.

The self-healing capabilities of Seagate's Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) and Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) help reduce downtime and optimize data center resources such as maintenance and human intervention and, in turn, carbon footprint and e-waste.

"The data storage requirements and budget constraints for science, research, high-performance computing (HPC), and higher education institutions are substantial," said Alexander Ruebensaal CEO of ABC Systems AG. "For our customers' multi-petabyte datasets, we turned to Seagate's Exos CORVAULT. Its unique design allowed them to reduce their total storage costs up to 80% annually, including technical, operational, service, and maintenance costs compared to previous solutions. These tremendous savings can be reallocated to scientists and researchers."

Already available in a 2PB conventional magnetic recording (CMR)-based configuration, the Seagate Exos CORVAULT 4U106 will now also be offered in 2PB and 2.5PB Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR)-based configurations. Both capacities in the new configurations can be ordered from storage resellers worldwide in November with product availability at the end of December.

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