Smart Elf #1 Model Launched in Malaysia, Marking Entry into Southeast Asian Market

Smart, a global automotive brand, today announced the launch of its Smart Elf #1 model in Malaysia. The event, held under the witness of representatives from the Malaysian Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry, DRB Group, Proton Motors, and other parties, marked the official launch of the Malaysian right-hand drive version of the Smart Phantom #1 and the first batch of deliveries.

The Smart Elf #1 is available in three models in Malaysia: Pro, Premium, and BRABUS performance versions. With a total of 10 color combinations, the models are priced between 189,000 and 249,000 Malaysian ringgit.

"The Southeast Asian market is an important part of smart's global layout," said Mr. Tong Xiangbei, CEO of smart brand global company. "We have sincerely cooperated with Proton Motors to cultivate the Southeast Asian market for a long time, independently build high-quality sales service outlets and a seamless digital ecosystem to help the electrification and intelligent transformation of the local automobile industry. We will bring a smarter urban pure electric new luxury life to local users."

Currently, smart Elf #1 has been launched in seven countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Iceland.

In addition to Malaysia, smart is planning to enter Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand and Singapore, and will create a new luxury urban life with more friends.

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