vivo WATCH 3 Watch Released in China

At the vivo X100 series new product launch conference held tonight, the vivo WATCH 3 smartwatch was officially released.

The vivo WATCH 3 watch is covered with a 3D large curved glass mirror, equipped with a stainless steel digital crown, and the case adopts an innovative detachable lug design. When replacing the original strap, it will automatically prompt to match the dial.

The vivo WATCH 3 watch is equipped with the self-developed "Blue River Operating System" for the first time. It has a new watch application store and cooperates with major head applications for cooperative development. It can be downloaded and used third-party apps such as Alipay and Baidu Maps.

Supports eSIM independent communication, you can receive messages and make calls by raising your hand. It is deeply compatible with vivo atomic notifications. The watch can quickly check nine categories of notification information.

The official claims that the battery life can be up to 16 days.

In terms of sports and health, vivo has in-depth cooperation with Zhejiang University to bring 100+ sports modes to the vivo WATCH 3 watch, equipped with a professional AI running coach, and users can customize exclusive training plans.

This product has been upgraded to support multi-channel star ring health monitoring. During sleep monitoring, WATCH 3 has said goodbye to dazzling green light, supports undisturbed heart rate with invisible light, and supports 8-channel heart rate and 16-channel blood oxygen monitoring.

vivo WATCH 3 Bluetooth version starts at 1,099 yuan, and the eSIM version starts at 1,299 yuan. The initial price is reduced by another 50 yuan. Pre-sale is now open and will be officially launched on November 21. It is available in Moonlight White, Chenye Black, Haoyue, and Starlight. 

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