Xiaomi Enters the Automotive Arena with a High-End Sedan

In a groundbreaking move, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is set to venture into the automotive industry with its first electric vehicle, a C-class luxury sedan priced above 300,000 yuan (approximately $43,000). This revelation comes from car blogger Han Lu, who anticipates a plethora of details to emerge soon as Xiaomi prepares to make its mark on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's website.

Lu describes Xiaomi's maiden car as a "C-class eco-tech sedan," emphasizing its high-performance configurations and spacious interior. The much-anticipated MiUI operating system, dubbed ThePaper OS, will also be integrated into the vehicle.

Visually, the blogger praises the car's sleek design, awarding its smooth lines a near-perfect score of 90 points. He suggests that the Porsche Taycan serves as a fitting comparison.

Xiaomi's ambitious entry into the automotive sector is further underscored by the revealed price range. With the base model starting at over 300,000 yuan, the high-end variant could reach nearly 400,000 yuan (approximately $57,000).

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