xMEMS Ushers in a New Era of Audio with World's First Ultrasound Solid-State Speaker for TWS Earbuds

xMEMS Labs, a pioneer in solid-state MEMS speaker technology, today unveiled its revolutionary Cypress ultrasound solid-state speaker, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of personal audio. This groundbreaking innovation replaces conventional physical amplifiers with ultrasonic sound pulses, delivering a remarkable audio experience that redefines the boundaries of sound quality and performance.

Unleashing the Power of Ultrasonic Sound

At the heart of the Cypress speaker lies xMEMS' proprietary ultrasonic amplitude modulation transduction technology. This ingenious approach enables the speaker to generate precise ultrasonic sound pulses that carry the original audio signal. These pulses are then seamlessly converted back into audible sound through a demodulation process, ensuring pristine audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

Unparalleled Audio Fidelity

The Cypress speaker surpasses the limitations of conventional coil speakers, offering superior audio quality and intricate detail across a wider range of frequencies. With its ability to faithfully replicate the source signal, the Cypress speaker delivers a rich, immersive sound experience that is sure to captivate audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Exceptional Performance and Efficiency

Packed within a compact 6.3 x 6.5 x 1.65mm package, the Cypress speaker delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, effortlessly outperforming conventional speakers. It boasts an impressive 140dB low-frequency sound pressure level (SPL) and can reach depths of 20Hz, ensuring powerful bass that resonates deeply. Additionally, the Cypress speaker's wide active noise cancellation (ANC) bandwidth effectively eliminates unwanted ambient noise, providing an uninterrupted listening experience in any environment.

Industry Collaboration and Mass Production

xMEMS has partnered with TSMC, a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing, to bring the Cypress speaker to mass production in late 2024. This collaboration ensures cost-competitiveness with mass-market speakers, paving the way for widespread adoption in wireless headphones and earbuds.

A Glimpse into the Future of Audio

The Cypress ultrasound solid-state speaker marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of personal audio. Its groundbreaking technology promises to revolutionize the way we experience sound, delivering unparalleled clarity, depth, and immersion. xMEMS' commitment to innovation sets the stage for a future where exceptional audio experiences are no longer a luxury, but an accessible reality for all.

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