Inovance Collaborates with Xiaomi on Electric Vehicle Motors, While Xiaomi Develops V8s Independently

In a recent inquiry on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's interactive platform, an investor questioned Inovance Technology regarding the development status of the electric vehicle motor the company co-developed with Xiaomi. Inovance clarified that they were involved in the joint research and development of the Xiaomi Super V6s motor, while the V8s motor is entirely Xiaomi's own creation.

This revelation comes after Lei Jun's presentation at the Xiaomi Auto Technology Conference, where he unveiled the Xiaomi Super Motor V6 and V6s, developed in collaboration with UMC and Inovance respectively, and the independently developed V8s.

While the V6 and V6s motors have already entered mass production, the V8s is expected to arrive in 2025. The "third-generation motor" with an even higher 35,000 rpm rotation speed is still in its pre-development phase within Xiaomi's labs.

Independent tech blogger @kanyue recently shared a video titled "Xiaomi Super Motor V8s First Performance Test," showcasing the motor's capabilities. The test vehicle equipped with the V8s achieved a remarkable top speed of 311.73 km/h, with the car's dashboard displaying an astonishing 313 km/h. @kanyue remarked, "It felt like a plane flying past me! Driving a car to 300 km/h is incredibly challenging."

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