Apple's Vision Pro Head-Mounted Display Appearance Patent Approved: Revealing Top Strap and Other Accessories Details

Apple Inc. has recently secured approval for 46 design patents related to its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. While these patents do not delve into the technical aspects of the device, they showcase the aesthetic designs of various accessories accompanying the headset, such as optional overhead straps, screen filters, and Light Seal.

Unlike technical patents that provide in-depth technical parameters and descriptions, these design patents offer a visual representation of the appearance designs of the Vision Pro headset and its accessories.

Notably, one of the patents prominently features the overhead strap of the Vision Pro headset, a detail that was initially hinted at by Mark Gurman in June of this year. Gurman reported that Apple had prepared an additional overhead strap for the headset to aid in weight distribution. He tweeted:

"The Apple Vision Pro headset also comes with an additional headband that goes around the head to distribute the weight. Apple did not mention this in its opening speech. It is actually provided in the experience area, but Apple does not allow taking pictures."

While Apple did not officially disclose the presence of this feature during its launch event, the obtained patent details shed light on the specifics of this overhead strap, revealing Apple's commitment to providing a comfortable and ergonomic user experience.

Additionally, the recently acquired patents reveal other accessories for the Vision Pro headset, such as screen filters and Light Seal. The Light Seal, described as a ring of rubber material that fits the face, is designed to enhance comfort and adjustability. Apple has previously shared an animated guide demonstrating how users can modify the Light Seal to accommodate different face shapes.

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