China: BYD Unveils Denza N7 High-Speed NOA Registration and Factory Retrofit as Year of OTA Arrives

In a significant move towards bolstering its position in the intelligent driving sector, BYD's Denza N7 is gearing up for the launch of its high-speed NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) feature. Zhao Changjiang, the General Manager of BYD Denza Sales Division, announced today that the high-speed NOA for the Denza N7 is currently undergoing the registration process and is set to hit the market soon.

The Denza N7, introduced in September last year, showcased its prowess with the Denza Pilot "High-Speed Intelligent Driving Package," built upon the advanced "Eye of God" high-end intelligent driving assistance system. To sweeten the deal, the optional price for the Denza N7 was initially set at 15,000 yuan, with a limited-time offer for new customers, bringing it down to 12,000 yuan.

Zhao Changjiang further revealed that the first Denza N7, destined for retrofitting with the high-speed NOA smart driving feature, has already entered the factory. The retrofitting process, he assured, is expected to be completed within three months for subsequent customers.

Highlighting the commitment to embrace the "Year of OTA," Zhao Changjiang emphasized that all BYD models, including the Denza N7, will undergo upgrades. The Denza N7, through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, is set to increase its charging speed by 30%, achieving an impressive recharge efficiency of nearly 300km in just 10 minutes.

Denza Motors officially announced that the Denza N7's high-end smart driving all-inclusive package has made its way to 99 cities across the country. The high-speed NOA push, initiated last month, has already entered the test drive phase at various stores.

Officials from Denza highlighted the extensive testing conducted on the Denza N7 equipped with the "God's Eye" intelligent driving system. Rigorous tests on the Chongqing Devil Interchange, Shenzhen and Beijing expressways, and various scenarios like lane change control demonstrated the Denza N7's prowess as a frontrunner in intelligent driving technology. Additionally, it performed exceptionally well in night AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and night snow-assisted driving tests conducted by professional media.

The Denza N7 currently offers two smart driving packages: the Denza Pilot high-end smart driving package and the high-speed smart driving package. The latter is equipped with the new-generation NVIDIA DRIVE Orin central chip, providing high-speed NOA and over 30 intelligent driving assistance functions. However, it does not support urban NOA-assisted driving.

For those opting for the Denza Pilot high-end smart driving all-encompassing package, the Denza N7 opens up a range of intelligent driving assistance functions, including high-speed NOA and urban NOA. Additionally, it supports traffic sign recognition, automatic parking, and mobile phone remote parking functions, further solidifying its position in the forefront of intelligent driving technology.

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