China: Huawei Calls for HarmonyOS 4 Beta Testers for WATCH 3 Series

Huawei, the leading global technology giant, has officially opened the doors for users to participate in the HarmonyOS 4 Pollen Beta test for its highly anticipated WATCH 3 series. The recruitment, which includes three distinct models - Huawei WATCH 3, WATCH 3 Pro, and the new WATCH 3 Pro, marks a significant step forward in Huawei's commitment to innovation and user experience.

Registration Details:

Users eager to participate in the HarmonyOS 4 Pollen Beta test for the WATCH 3 series can register between January 2, 2023, and 15:00 on January 9, 2023, Beijing time. Huawei has provided two convenient methods for registration:\
  • Huawei Mobile/Tablet Users: Open "My Huawei/Service App > Home > Upgrade and Try" and follow the prompts to register.
  • Non-Huawei Mobile/Tablet Users: Register through the WeChat applet by navigating to "My Huawei > Huawei WATCH 3 Series HarmonyOS 4 Pollen Beta" on the homepage.
Review Process and Timeline:

The review of all registered users is expected to be completed before January 16th. Users who registered through Huawei mobile phones/tablets can check the review status by visiting "[My Huawei/Services] App > Home > Message Icon in the upper right corner > My Message." Those who registered through the WeChat applet will receive review results via email.

Due to the comprehensive review and version push, Huawei acknowledges that registration experiences may be affected. However, the company assures users that it will work diligently to minimize any inconvenience. The review cycle will culminate in the official version's network-wide push.

Version Push Details:

In a departure from conventional practices, Huawei will adopt a method of pushing updates while reviewing. The first batch of push is expected to commence within a week of the recruitment period's conclusion. Subsequent pushes will occur gradually, aligning with the progress of each product version. Specific push times will be communicated through official announcements.

Important Information for Beta Testers:

Huawei emphasizes that only one registration is allowed for both the log version and the nolog version. Users selected for the log version cannot switch to the nolog version, and vice versa, throughout the entire trial period. Log users will exclusively use the log version during the entire early adopter activity, spanning the Pollen Beta version, public beta version, official version, and network-wide push version.

Huawei encourages users to patiently wait for subsequent commercial versions if they find any inconvenience during the HarmonyOS 4 Pollen Beta testing phase. The company remains committed to delivering a seamless and enhanced user experience with the latest WATCH 3 series and HarmonyOS 4.

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